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By clicking 'Play' you will be automatically matched to another player similar to your strength (as defined by rating).


Although our rating system is equavalent to well known ELO rating system, your rating is usually displayed lower than your true rating, until you have played certain number of games (40 currently).
This is to avoid a player of true rating 1300 to start with 1500, so that his/her highest rating never gets updated, which we think is not motivational.
Therefore, it could sometimes be the case where your rating increases even if you lose a game (only on the surface, true rating always decreases if you lose).

Time control

5-minute sudden death (no byo-yomi).

Returning to game

Even in case the app crashes, you can immediately return to the game if you re-invoke the app and press "Play".


You need your password (displayed in the setup page) to re-login. We advise you to take a note of it.


- Sometimes you might see your opponent's time rolls back, but that doesn't mean your opponent is cheating. It occurs when one or both of the players' communication is slow. Think of a situation like below.
[X plays a move in 1sec] => [Takes 2 seconds to notify the server] => [Takes 2 seconds to notify Y's client]
In this case, Y sees X thinking for 5 seconds but when the move arrives it turns out X has only spent 1 seconds and the clock rolls back.

Other apps

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